But wait, there's more says Telecom

Telecom says the negative reaction to its new Jetstream pricing may be premature.

Telecom says the negative reaction to its new Jetstream pricing may be premature.

Newsgroups and email lists are full of users questioning the logic behind Telecom's decision to introduce only a single new service.

As Computerworld Online reported on Friday (Telecom comes up with new JetStream offer), Telecom has introduced a new JetStream service, JetStream Home, aimed at entry level users. The service runs at 256Kbit/s symmetrically and has data caps at 500MB, 1000MB and 2000MB for $39.95, $49.95 and $59.95 respectively. These prices exclude ISP charges.

Existing JetStream and JetStream Starter users are not impressed. On the New Zealand DSL mailing list anger has run rife.

"With the normal line rental and ISP charges on top of this they ain't too attractive. Someone needs to take a giant 'cluebat' to these swines," writes one user.

Another says: "So now Telecom [gives us] a capped slow DSL service. It's a joke."

But Telecom public affairs manager John Goulter says users will have to wait until September 22 to find out what exactly the service will look like.

"The announcement was simply to give the ISPs a month's notice. When we do launch the service Xtra will be announcing a lot of stuff around content and customer service and aids with installation, things like that."

In April Telecom announced the plan to reach 100,000 customers by the end of next year and chief operating officer Simon Moutter said Telecom would be introducing not only new price points but a different pricing model.

"Telecom will ... [launch] a new range of fixed line broadband packages and services aimed at meeting specific customer needs at a competitive price. For instance, more flexible plans to cater for people who are heavy downloaders or are keen gamers, or only access New Zealand content" Moutter said in a written statement.

Goulter says that is still the plan.

Telecom says it has 76,000 DSL customers across all ISPs as of July this year. Of those, 47,000 are residential customers. Telecom won't reveal how many of its customers are using JetStream Starter instead of JetStream proper for reasons of commercial sensitivity.

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