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Executive Programmes

Victoria Executive Programmes offer professional development courses tailored for executives in business and government. Courses range in length from one or two days to 10 days. Public courses are offered throughout the year while others are tailored to meet the needs of specific organisations. Topics covered include Project Management; E-commerce: Implementation; People Management at the Top; Development Programme for New Managers; and Self-Management at the Top.


  • Certificate in Management Studies
The Certificate in Management Studies (CertMS) is designed to give you a firm grounding in contemporary management skills and techniques. It is intended for people with no formal training in management, and can be completed over one or two years of evening study.

The Certificate in Management Studies is designed for mature people who:

· have at least three years of experience in administration or management;

· do not have formal training in business, administration, or management;

· may not have degrees in tertiary (college or university level) education;

· are looking for practical knowledge in administration or management.

There are three trimesters per year at Victoria University. You can enter the Certificate in Management Studies in any trimester. Classes are scheduled after 5pm. Each course meets once a week for two or three hours.

Graduate Diplomas

  • Diploma in Computer Science
The Diploma in Computer Science (DipCompSc) comprises eight 200-, 300- and 400-level Computer Science papers.

Duration: The DipCompSc normally requires two years of part-time study.

  • Diploma in Applied Science in Computer Science
Content: Two half-papers from 400-level Computer Science papers, four half-papers (or equivalent) from 300-level Science papers, and a research project (COMP 889).


  • Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (BCA)
This degree aims to give students with skills in business, commercial and financial expertise.

Duration: 3 years.

Content: BCA majors include Electronic Commerce and Multimedia, and Information Systems. There is a core of compulsory papers in Accounting, Economics and the New Zealand Commercial Environment. Three papers at 300-level are required, taken from at least two subject areas; two of these papers must be from the BCA Schedule. As well as completing the basic requirements you must major in at least one subject area.

  • Bachelor of Science
Duration: 3 years.

You must major in at least one specialist subject. There are almost 20 science major subjects from which to choose including computer science.

Content: Number of points required - 360, 180 of which must be at 200- and 300-level.

Up to 90 points of non-science papers may be included (about five papers). At least 120 of the advanced-level points (200- and 300-level) must be in science subjects and of these 120 points, 72 must be at 300-level.

  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science
Research Project and six half-papers from 400-level Computer Science papers. Two half-papers may be substituted by approved 300-level courses from Computer Science or

other subjects.

  • Bachelor of Commerce and Administration/Bachelor of Science
The Conjoint BCA/BSc programme enables you to study for both a Science and a Commerce and Administration degree at the same time. This degree programme will be especially suitable if you have interests and career plans involving a particular field of science and its practical application in industry.

Duration: 4 years.

Content: You complete both the BCA and BSc, but the total points required are fewer than for a BCA/BSc double degree which normally takes four-and-a-half to five years to complete, though it can be done in four very full years of study. The Conjoint, on the other hand, fits more comfortably into a four-year time-span. You can work towards specific majors for the BSc, and for the BCA. For example, you could major in psychology for the BSc, and management the BCA. This combines the human science and study of computing with its application in organisations and industry.

Postgraduate Diplomas

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems Management
The PDipISM a part-time programme that will bring you up to speed with the latest theories and practices of information management. The programme has a strategic focus and will introduce you to contemporary thinking about the 'information economy', provide you with frameworks to analyse a range of business issues, and give you networking opportunities with others working in the information systems field.

Duration: 3 years.

Content: The programme starts with a year-long introduction to fundamental business and management skills. Upon successful completion of this first year of study, you are awarded a Certificate in Management Studies. You have the choice of continuing with the Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems Management, or switching to another Postgraduate Diploma programme.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration
The diploma is a 27 month (five trimester) qualification front-ended by the Certificate in Management Studies. It is available to anyone with demonstrated management potential, and several years' practical experience in the business, government or private sector. It will provide you with the broad-based management education you need to get your managerial career path moving quickly and in the direction that you want.

Upon successful completion of this first academic year of study, you are awarded a Certificate in Management Studies. You can continue with the final three trimesters or 15 months. You will have the choice of continuing with the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration, or switching to another Postgraduate Diploma programme.


  • Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (Hons)/Master of Commerce
The BCA(Hons)/MCA in Information Systems is a full-time degree for graduates who want a fast track into leadership positions as information systems professionals - as IS directors and managers, IS policy analysts, project managers and consultants - and for those wishing to pursue further research in our PhD programme. Unlike other graduate programmes in IS, this one has a clear organisation and management focus, as reflected in the coursework and thesis topics.

Content: Part 1 of the degree consists of eight papers - four core and four elective. Completion to this point entitles you to a BCA(Hons). Part 2 completes the MCA with a research project on a thesis topic chosen in consultation with the Programme Director.

Part-time option with ecommerce focus: This part-time research-based Honours/Masters programme in Information Systems with a focus in Electronic Commerce is designed for the IS professional who wants to fast-track their career in this dynamic new industry.

  • Master of Computer Science
The Master of Computer Science (MCompSc) is for graduates who have majored in Computer Science or who have the equivalent work experience. The degree emphasises coursework as opposed to the more significant thesis of the MSc.

It comprises a Project and 12 half-papers from 400-level Computer Science papers. Up to three half papers may be substituted by approved 300-level courses from Computer Science or other subjects.

Duration: normally takes two years full-time, but can be completed in 16 months, or part-time in up to six years.

  • Master of Business Administration
The programme is divided into four areas of study designed to move you from the functional skills you require in everyday management to strategic planning and into your own choice of elective courses.

Duration: The Victoria MBA requires the equivalent of two academic years of full-time study, starting in February each year. Because courses are offered through the summer, the degree can be completed in 16 months full-time or three years part-time. Students in full-time employment can study part-time without disrupting normal work commitments, because all required courses are offered in the evenings at least every other year.

  • Master of Management
The Master of Management programme was initially conceived by seven of New Zealand's leading organisations as a response to what they recognised to be the rapidly changing needs of organisations and their future executives. Together they established, in 1994, the New Zealand Management Development Consortium and in association with leading universities developed the Master of Management.


  • School of Communications and Information Management PhD
The Programme is available in Communication Studies, Information Systems, and Library and Information Studies. It allows intensive research under expert guidance from researchers and scholars. The Programme can be tailored to individual circumstances, including part-time or full-time registration, as well as overseas study if on-campus residential requirements have been met.

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