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Education and Training

Issue Date: 22 January

Editorial deadline: 22 December

With demand for IT workers growing each year, some companies are now looking at training non-IT people to fill vacancies. What New Zealand organisations are doing this and what are the results? This feature looks at the pros and cons of re-training people for IT roles.

Writer: Kirstin Mills

Email: kirstin_mills@idg.co.nz

Phone: 03 467 2869

Application Development

Issue Date: 29 January

Editorial deadline: 8 January

Without doubt New Zealand has some innovative software designers with great ideas - but everyone knows that's not enough. To do well you need to market your product both here and overseas. This feature will look at how New Zealand application developers go about succeeding in a competitive marketplace.

Writer: Darren Greenwood

Email: darren_greenwood@idg.co.nz

Phone: 09 302 8769

Editorial Contact:

Kirstin Mills - Computerworld Features Editor

Email: kirstin_mills@idg.co.nz

DDI: 03 467 2869


Advertising Contacts:

Darrell Denney, Sales Manager

DDI: 09 302 5727

Email: darrell_denney@idg.co.nz

Steven Reddington, Senior Account Manager

DDI: 09 302 5725

Email: steven_reddington@idg.co.nz

Jillian Hamilton-Browne, Classified/Recruitment

DDI: 09 302 5723

Email: jillian_hamilton-browne@idg.co.nz

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