Police lay IBM's OS/2 to rest

Police have completed the migration of the servers on its network from IBM's OS/2 to NT.

Police have completed the migration of the servers on their network from IBM's OS/2 to NT.

The transition has been achieved on time and under budget, says Police finance general manager Bruce Simpson.

The conversion is part of the winding back of technology decisions made early in the life of the Incis project, to opt for OS/2 for the desktops, laptops and servers that would have been connected to Incis. The desktop and laptop PCs were changed over earlier this year.

Post-Incis, the organisation is in a period of consolidation, says Simpson. This is not to say the police are standing still on the IT front, he says. Small projects are still under development, and he sees this as being the picture for the future – manageable-sized IT development tasks rather than monsters like Incis.

Meanwhile, the department has begun the process of recruiting a new deputy commissioner of resource management to replace Barry Matthews, now with the West Australian police. This post is the closest the Police have to an “IT manager”, that post having been disestablished when previous IT manager Jeffrey Soar departed following the cancellation of Incis and the recommendations of the Hood report into the way ahead.

That doesn’t mean police have been entirely without IT management, Simpson says. “We have two very strong senior people in that area, in Rohan Mendis [manager of enterprise networks] and Murray Mitchell [manager of applications development].”

An IBM spokeswoman says there are still some "large customers, by which we mean corporations", using OS/2 in New Zealand. The company declines to identify them.

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