Domainz system still not stable, says new CEO

The interim CEO of Domainz says the Domainz Registry System is still not stable -- nearly six months after her predecessor declared it to be 'working well'.

The interim CEO of Domainz says the Domainz Registry System is still not stable – nearly six months after her predecessor declared it to be "working well".

Donna Hiser, who began a six-month contract with Domainz at the end of last month, was appointed after a cleanout of the Isocnz council and, subsequently, the Domainz board, which saw controversial founding CEO Patrick O'Brien depart to run the domain name registry in Singapore. She yesterday emailed .nz service providers to introduce herself and outline the state of the national registry.

In the email, she said the system implemented in May "is not yet in a stable state. A large part of every day here is spent trying to help customers who are experiencing bugs in the system.The highest priority for us is to clear those bugs so that your businesses can run more smoothly and our attention can focus on longer term improvements."

Advantage Group, the original developer, "is committed to achieving this quickly and are in constant contact with us on progress," the email said. Hiser also noted "considerable frustration with the design of the Domainz web interface" and promised quick changes there.

The published cost of the DRS so far is $750,000, but some sources suggest it may be well over a million dollars. Hiser declined to comment to IDGNet on whether additional payments are being made to Advantage to fix the site.

Hiser, who comes from a software development background, was CEO of Innovus until its recent takeover by Synergy. O'Brien was frequently criticised for his secretive attitude, and for the non-disclosure agreements he sought from customers during development of the DRS, but she says she will bring a more open, communicative style to the job

"That's how I work. I hope that people will respond to that in a positive way. I don't think there's any point in keeping secrets about things – that will just make any problems that there are harder to solve."

Hiser is asking for customers to be more thoughtful of Domainz staff, who are bearing the brunt of customer frustration with the system.

"I think there are some quite negative things that are said to staff which are not helpful. The staff here are under quite a lot of stress – we're dealing with doubling the throughput of domain names in a year. There are a lot of queries and they do their best to answer them, but having said that there are some quite negative things that go on and that makes it difficult for the staff."

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