Inland Revenue Demands NZ Domain Name Info

Telcos Reshuffle and Reorganise Business Units; Get Ready for a Bandwidth War

Inland Revenue has demanded a list of all New Zealand’s domain names (in the .nz name space) from Domainz. Apparently no letter was sent, just a verbal request over the phone, but Domainz complied and assembled the information into a CD for IRD. This information is freely available in the public domain, but it is available only by searching the records individually by URL. Why does the IRD want the information? Who knows — IRD certainly isn’t saying, except to say it’s a “normal” request for information. How quickly will the information go out of date is an issue for the IRD to sort out. What we should be asking is why did Domainz hand the data over so quickly based only on a verbal request and has anyone’s privacy been breached?

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One rule for Telecom..

An interesting look at the parallels between this issue and that of Telecom’s White Pages. - IDGNet

Telcos Reshuffle and Reorganise Business Units

What a busy week for the country’s largest telecommunication companies. Both Telecom and Clear have announced major restructuring of their corporate divisions.

Clear’s new CEO, Peter Kaliaropoulos, announced the creation of four new units — Wireless, Wholesale, Business Solutions and Mass Markets — along with six support areas — HR, finance and the like. This flat structure, according to Peter K as he is known, should help Clear achieve its goal of becoming a $500 million turnover company within 18-24 months.

Telecom’s new structure takes into account the company’s growing interest in Australia — rather than treating New Zealand and Australia as two separate horizontal markets, Telecom will look at the vertical segments instead. No longer will you be viewed as Kiwi or Aussie customers but instead wireless or data for example. This should help business customers who travel more frequently between the two countries or companies with offices across the region.

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Get Ready for a Bandwidth War

Yes, that’s right. Dust off those contracts, check the fine print and get ready to haggle — the telcos want to sell you high-speed internet access for a lot less than last month. Ihug is offering Ultra Lite, a 256K maximum flat-rate version of its satellite connection. For $49.95 a month you can download all you want at around 4 times the speed of a 56K modem.

In the next week or so Telecom is expected to offer 128K connection for the home user based on a similar truncated version of its DSL offering, JetStream. This should appeal to gamers more than the Ultra package — DSL won’t have that annoying millisecond lag that satellite has to contend with.

And if you’re in a region that has Telstra Saturn pipes in place you’ll be able to have a look at the Chello 500K service for $49.95. The only catch — a possible 2Gb/month cap.

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Not convinced you need more than 56K dial-up? Michael Foreman offers a personal perspective on the need for speed.

Walker Wireless plugs city into net, data service - Stuff

Meanwhile Walker Wireless has expanded its high-speed offering to Hamilton.

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