Indian web app developer attracted by lifestyle

A colleague like Dr Manoj Kantroo is set to become more common in New Zealand's IT workplace.

A colleague like Dr Manoj Kantroo is set to become more common in New Zealand's IT workplace.

He has come all the way from Delhi to be a web application developer for Delphic Medical Systems in Epsom, Auckland.

A survey released last month by recruitment firm Morgan and Banks revealed India provides 11% of IT immigrant workers and this is set to soar (see India a strong source of IT workers for NZ).

Kantroo first came to New Zealand in 1997, attracted by the lifestyle.

He has a PhD in mathematics from Delhi University, is trained in computer science, is a Microsoft Certified Professional, and has experience of university research and teaching. His skills also include Visual Basic, Java Script, ASP and he says "you never stop learning".

Like many Indians he knows, the programmer applied for New Zealand residency and the migrated. His first kiwi job was honorary research fellow in the maths department of Auckland University.

After returning to India for several months, Kantroo and his family returned to New Zealand in June, and the Enterprise reruitment agency found him a job with Delphic.

"This is the right break for me as the company is passing through an exciting stage. They have broken into the US and Europe with their internet-based medical software," he says.

The company also allows a lot of freedom, and even one of the founders "works as an ordinary programmer as I am."

Kantroo says wages cannot really be compared with India as the countries and lifestyles are so different. But they are certainly better here.

He advises fellow Indians that New Zealand has plenty of IT jobs, but they need to persevere when applying.

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