Govt Interception Laws Cause Grief

Xtra Email Crashes; IDG launches new Search Engine

Not only do they want to be able to intercept email but cellphone conversations as well. Not only that, but all telcos must ensure their networks are capable of interception, and you know who’ll pay for that upgrade, and if you’ve encrypted your data you’ll have to hand over the keys. Still, at least there’s no gagging order in our legislation, unlike the UK’s RIP law. Small comfort really. The Crimes Amendment Bill (number six) has been jeopardised by the addition of these interception laws, added quietly and unexpectedly in the form of a Supplementary Order Paper that no-one was expecting. Instead of being able to introduce our anti-hacking legislation quickly we now have to battle through months of debate and backlash to get this all sorted out — public submissions are going on into next year some time.

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Xtra Email Crashes

An interesting week of it in the telecommunications sector — the country’s largest email provider Xtra was unable to deliver email to around half of its subscriber base. But on a brighter note, Telecom has completed the upgrade to its network’s backbone — now running around 50 times the capacity it was. Sadly, this won’t mean an end to the 0867 numbering scheme. Telecom is also to launch a new version of its high-speed internet access service JetStream called JetStart — the service would be capped at 128Kbit/second.

And in a twisty turny move, Jump Capital has decided not to invest $8 million in wireless internet provider Radionet after all.

Finally, after announcing it would introduce a capped high-speed service, Telstra-Saturn has decided not to offer the Chello-based service after all. Perhaps the competition from ihug’s Ultra Lite, priced around the same $50 mark but with no gigabyte cap on downloads, proved too much. Chello also announced it would backtrack on plans to merge with Excite@Home.

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Chello cancels merger with Excite@Home - IDGNet

IDG launches new Search Engine

<Trumpet Blowing On>

In a fit of virtual publishing, IDG Communications, publisher of the FryUp and IDGNet as well as numerous “real world” titles, has launched a search engine “designed for the .nz space”. Take it for a test spin with a quick ego surf (see what it finds under your name) or kick the tyres for a bit with some obscure Kiwi-ana reference. All feedback should be directed to Bruce Buckman

<Trumpet Off>

IDG launches SearchNOW for .nz - IDGNet

Aardvark has a first-look review of the site - Aardvark

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