Spectel targets mobile users

Spectel this week launched a voice and data conferencing product targeted at mobile users that need to moderate a group conference.

MobileConnexion is being sold mainly to mobile service providers and features Short Message Service (SMS) notification and automatic callback for dropped calls. Users with a wireless PDA or PocketPC have the ability to control a call (drop, add or mute users) and share data with other participants from their handheld device.

"We’ve optimised our (traditional conferencing) product to make it more accessible to mobile users," says Colm Saunders, general manager of US operations for Spectel.

Part of the optimisation allows mobile phone participants to start a conference by dialing a single number, with the remaining participants all automatically connected by a server. Using a Wireless Application Protocol interface, an instant-messaging buddy list can be used to pick and invite participants to a conference. Also, MobileConnexion can save Caller ID information, so a when a dropped caller reconnects, they do not have to enter a number or password.

Spectel is working with certain customers to add speech recognition technology to specific implementations of the product. The speech recognition would allow a conference participant to navigate the menu of options by voice rather than by hitting keys.

The MobileConnexion server uses Java-based APIs to tie in notification services and phone number retrieval. Saunders says there is nothing to install on the client machine.

While road warriors with a wirelessly connected laptop could participate in full-desktop sharing using MobileConnexion, it is not recommended for those with small-screen PDAs, Saunders says.

MobileConnexion is available with an average implementation price of US$750,000 to $1 million for a mobile operator.

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