Quality assurance engineer

I have been in the computer industry 20+ years, the bulk of which was as an A/P. What would I earn in the UK?

Dear What Am I Worth,

I work as a quality assurance engineer in a software company that sells a virtual private network product.

I have three years' experience working with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Millennium and Japanese operating systems, and have also worked with Linux and Solaris. I have experience working with networks, setting up servers and client machines.

I am located in Seattle in the US, but was wondering how much I could expect in New Zealand or Australia. I am interested in a permanent or contract position. Would I be paid more in New Zealand or Australia? Is the quote you are giving in New Zealand dollars?

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De Winter International replies: Money seems to be a key concern for you. Given the weak state of the New Zealand and Australian dollar against the US dollar and the thriving US IT economy, I would stay in the US.

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