How to get into programming and development?

I am doing my MBA in IT. What courses in programming and development are hot so I can increase my skills?

Dear Adviser,

I am 24-year-old guy doing my MBA in information technology and looking forward to a future in an IT field. As you know there are lots of programmers and developers and I haven't done anything in that regard, so what will be my future if I want to stay in IT? What courses in programming and development are hot so I can increase my skills?

MBA man

Protocol Personnel replies: From what I can ascertain you have no industry experience, but are completing a MBA in IT. If this is the case I would recommend you spend a lot of time making sure the fundamental concepts of programming and developing are under your belt.

If you do not have an undergraduate degree in computer science or something similar I would recommend that you enrol in courses that will teach you the fundamental concepts of structured programming and mathematical reasoning as these are key skills for programmers and developers.

The market is always looking for talented programmers with skills in C, C++, Java, VB, Delphi etc. Focus on basics and build from there. A solid understanding of the fundamentals is key to your success in the industry.

Also take the time to become familiar with web technologies as these are becoming more and more valuable. Most of all I recommend you focus on the basics of learning the skills and get good grades and the opportunities will come your way.

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