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Should I carry on with TCP/IP or concentrate on completing the equivalent in Windows 2000?

Dear What Am I Worth,

Two years ago I was employed at a computer manufacturer in the UK building personal computers and network servers. After 18 months employment I returned to New Zealand to pursue Microsoft qualifications. I have since completed a MCSE course and passed four of my exams and am preparing for TCP/IP.

Unfortunately, due to the retirement of one exam shortly after completing the course I was going to be unable to obtain the full qualification. In the interim I have obtained limited experience contracting to a computer company in New Zealand. I would like to know what a realistic starting salary for full-time employment would be. Should I carry on with TCP/IP or concentrate on completing the equivalent in Windows 2000?


Protocol Personnel Services replies: With the majority of your MCSE done it would be a shame not to try to complete it although time is probably now against you with the retirement of exams. There are many conflicting opinions on whether to complete TCP/IP or to concentrate on completing the equivalent in Windows 2000. Get the advice of a certified training centre.

With all the Microsoft certifications the latest certifications always build on the fundamental principles of previous certifications so I would find it hard to believe that it would be a disadvantage to do TCP/IP. As far as salary expectations a partially complete MCSE and three years’ experience I would expect a salary circa $40,000.

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