Happier New Year for Jade

Christchurch-based Jade Corporation has started the year at a run with two new contracts in the US, the company's first on that continent, and a 'scoping study' in Australia well under way.

Christchurch-based Jade Corporation has started the year at a run with two new contracts in the US, the company's first on that continent, and a "scoping study" in Australia well under way.

Jade restructured last year shedding up to 90 staff in a bid to cut operating costs by 25%. That effort seems to have paid off as the company has sold its software into Flathead Country, Montana and Denver's Bureau of National Health service claims processing division, says founder Gil Simpson.

"The Flathead account covers everything a county does: rates and invoices and so on. The first system to go live is the 911 mission critical 24x7 emergency service for the county's fire, police and ambulance."

In addition to those two contracts, Jade is undertaking a scoping study for Melbourne Health that could see around 400,000 patients in a number of hospitals being managed by Jade's Coordinated Care software.

"We already have a contract with Melbourne Bayside which is a three-hospital group. We look after the community care patients there."

Simpson says the Jade application is "patient-centric" rather than traditional hospital IT systems which tend to focus either on the clinician or on the episode or event.

"In Northern Territories in Australia if you turn up at the accident and emergency department they will be able to see where you last went for medical treatment, what it was, what drugs you're prescribed, who your doctor is and so on.

When you next go to your GP they will be able to see that you were seen at A&E as your last visit." Simpson says this kind of application means there is less chance of patients "slipping through the cracks" in the system and is proving very popular with mental health units around the world, in particular in Britain.

"The National Health Service has just undertaken this review of its tendering process and has appointed four procurement companies and we're pitching for business there just as we always have."

Already Jade has several contracts, predominantly in the mental health and social services sector, including one of the UK's most secure mental health hospitals.

"Because it's an application rather than middleware we cut out a lot of applications. In Melbourne I think we've replaced 16 different applications. In Harrow the borough council is using Jade for its social services department and the hospital is using it for its mental health service. Because there's a good chance that the two overlap it makes sense to use one application across the board."

Simpson says the recent change in shareholder level won't affect the immediate management or running of the company. Simpson's 90% stake has been watered down to around 15% as two of its US investors swap their convertible notes for shares in the company. Both already have directors on the board and Simpson says he is fully committed to the company's future.

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