NZ Registry calls for RFI over SRS

The company that runs the New Zealand register of domain names, .nzRegistry Services has issued a 'request for information' (RFI) relating to the outsourcing of its various systems.

The company that runs the New Zealand register of domain names, .nzRegistry Services has issued a "request for information" (RFI) relating to the outsourcing of its various systems.

NZRS is not looking at making wholesale changes, according to registry manager Nick Griffin, but is instead tweaking the system.

"We've always been outsourced right from the beginning. Prior to going live with the [shared registry system] we made the decision to outsource everything and to review it after six months."

Griffin says that review has lead to a series of recommendations, one of which calls for issuing an RFI and then a request for proposals (RFP).

"We're not interested in changing horses for the sake of change and we're not changing because of any discontent with our current providers, it's just part of the process."

The SRS was designed and built by Wellington-based Catalyst IT and Griffin says he certainly isn't displeased with company's work to date.

"It's more about tightening up some issues rather than major changes to the way we do things."

However, Griffin says there are no "preferred providers" in the RFI process and it's open to all interested parties.

"It's also about formalising a longer-term relationship. It's one thing to have set up a team for a year's contract but something else entirely to build a long-term commitment. That's what we're after from this process."

Catalyst managing director Mike O'Connor says the company isn't phased by the RFI process and will be pitching its proposal to NZRS along with everyone else.

"It's core stuff for us this kind of thing so we'll definitely be there."

He believes the process is designed to "tweak things" after 15 months in operation.

"There could be room for some consolidation and for clearer demarkation in some areas."

The areas to be covered in the RFP include the SRS, the domain name system (DNS), hosting for both systems, DNS support and network management. Currently Catalyst manages the SRS and Wellington-based facilities management company Knossos looks after the DNS.

Interested parties can download the RFI document here. The RFI process closes on January 30 and Griffin hopes to have the whole process wrapped up by May.

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