Telecom announces new JetStream pricing

Telecom has announced three new JetStream offerings designed to appeal to new users.

Telecom has announced three new JetStream offerings designed to appeal to new users.

The first two new services, which run at 256Kbit/s download and 128Kbit/s upload, have traffic caps of 1GB a month and 3GB a month respectively and charge only 5 cents per megabyte for excess traffic instead of Telecom's usual 20 cents per megabyte.

The third service has a 10GB/month traffic cap and no excess usage charges. Instead, users who exceed the cap will be rate limited to a lower speed.

Telecom's head of internet and online Chris Thompson says a raft of technological changes has enabled Telecom to introduce the new services.

He won't rule out changes to the rest of the JetStream family of products although nothing is being announced today.

"I do expect we'll see customers from other JetStream services take up the new products."

Thompson says JetStream Starter, Telecom's entry level 128Kbit/s symmetrical service is likely to suffer most from the new offering.

"JetStream Starter uptake has been flat for a while now and I'm sure it's going to come to an end one day but we'll maintain it for now. We'll see how the new offerings go over the next few months and maybe tidy things up then."

Telecom's other JetStream offerings include a symmetrical 256Kbit/s service as well as the JetStream full speed offering.

The new service is similar in specification to the service suggested by the Telecommunications Commissioner as the wholesale product Telecom will be selling to other ISPs, however Thompson says that's coincidental.

"We've been working towards this product for a while and it seems a logical point in the market so that's what we've done. The wholesale product the commissioner is talking about will be offered later in the year once the government's decision is made."

The new services will be controlled end-to-end by Telecom as the current JetStream services are - ISPs will in effect act as resellers.

The new pricing starts at $39.95 a month for the 1GB plan for customers who also use Telecom for their toll calls.

Customers who do not use Telecom for tolls pay an extra $10 a month. The flat rate service costs $69.95 a month or $79.95 for non-Telecom toll customers. The services will be available from March 8.

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