Billing cycle blues for JetStream customers

Telecom customers forced to wait up to a month for connection to the new JetStream services are up in arms about their treatment.

Telecom customers forced to wait up to a month for connection to the new JetStream services are up in arms about their treatment.

Users who are switching from one type of JetStream broadband product to another have been told they will have to wait to the end of the Telecom billing cycle before their new service will begin, however several have been forced to wait much longer because of internal issues within Telecom.

One member of the DSL mailing list says he was bounced backwards and forward from his ISP, Maxnet, and Telecom when trying to change his account from a JetStream Starter to JetStream Surf.

"Upon the morning of the 15th, I found that I had no internet access. My [JetStream Starter] account would not authenticate, and neither would my new JetStream Surf account".

The user, who signed his email "J", spent several hours calling both Maxnet and Telecom to try to determine why his new account was not active on the 15th of the month, as he'd been promised. After talking to the helpdesks of Telecom, Xtra and Maxnet, he was eventually put through to the JetStream team.

"Upon an answer at JetStream tech support, I quickly learned that no, my account had not been changed over, and that I had to wait until the 12th of April, my next billing date".

Several other customers have also expressed their outrage at the delay and at the badgering they feel they've received from Telecom when they point out they're not Xtra customers or users of Telecom's toll service.

One user called Telecom to ask to change from JetStream Starter to JetStream Surf 10GB. He says the sales representative insisted he should change to Telecom for tolls.

"It took at least five minutes for the rep to get the idea that I didn't want to change."

He says he was eventually signed up, but for the wrong JetStream Surf account.

"A day later I checked my usage and noticed my next plan was set to go to JetStream Home, which I did not want. So again I call up, get barraged about moving to Telecom for tolls, then they say they have corrected my plan to be

JetStream Surf 256k 10GB.

"Another day later, I checked my usage and it tells me my plan is going to change to JetStream Surf 3GB this time. Called up, moaned and got it fixed. "

Xtra spokeswoman Anna Martin says customers are warned before signing up that the changes won't take effect until their billing cycle turns over, typically up to a month later. Martin also says Telecom is currently reviewing its billing software and may replace the system although she wouldn't comment on how long that would take.

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