Just say no to SCO?

According to docs filed with the SEC, SCO Group supersized CEO Darl McBride's salary from $US80,000 to $US230,000 last year, with a McBonus of $US755,000.

After Pammy moved out last week, I found a letter she’d left under my mouse pad. She thanked me for letting her stay in my condo while she sorted out her feelings about men, and said I was instrumental in helping her reach a big decision in her life. I can’t believe I hadn’t figured this out sooner. At this rate, I may give up on women entirely and become a

Hold the fries

According to docs filed with the SEC, SCO Group supersized CEO Darl McBride’s salary from $US80,000 to $US230,000 last year, with a McBonus of $US755,000. That may be fast-food wages compared to, say, Carly Fiorina’s $US10 million, but it’s not bad for a guy running what Linux God Linus Torvalds has called "the most despised company in technology".

SCOrched earth policy

Everyone’s Internet, or

EV1, found out exactly how despised McBride’s firm is last week, after the Houston-based ISP announced it had paid a licensing fee to SCO. A Cringe spy tells me one of EV1’s host servers got hacked by angry SCO foes, but EV1 spokesmodel Judy Nichols says this is “absolutely untrue”. One thing that’s not in dispute: 85% of the ISP’s customers think the company should demand a refund, according to EV1’s own user forums. Maybe it’s not really everyone’s internet after all.

Who demand?

Oracle has changed the name of its e-business suite from Oracle Outsourcing to Oracle On Demand (although apparently the company's webmasters haven’t gotten the memo yet). In related news, "offshoring" is now called "global workforce enhancement".

Finn fini

Thanks to many readers for pointing out the correct diminutive for natives of Finland is Finn, not "fin." Special thanks goes to Mike W of Helsinki, who notes that "Finlander" is reserved for Finland’s Swedish-speaking minority, who are unlikely to play pesäpallo, a version of baseball in which the players wear mukluks instead of spikes. (That’s a joke, so please, no more letters.) Who knew this column would prove so educational?

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