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- First things first

I really have to apologise to the communications manager Sonya Haggie at Maori TV. In last week's FryUp I wrote about Maori TV's website, it's URL and the piece of legislation that created the company that runs the channel.

I spoke to Sonya about the legislation that said anyone who owns a domain name that might be confused with Maori TV's name is in breach of the law and in the FryUp I wrote: "also churlish to suggest someone who's trying to do the right thing need not bother because they'll be forced to do it anyway" and Sonya thought I was talking about her being churlish. I really didn't mean it to be taken that way, I was talking about the legislation. I'm sorry if you were offended, Sonya - it's the law that's the ass. The law.

I'm loathe to use the word paternal in a pejorative sense, being a father myself, but I can't think of another word to convey that sense of "nanny state" deciding the new Maori TV channel needs protecting above and beyond those constraints available to any normal business. It's already illegal to pass your own business off as someone else's and the ground is well covered in law and in practice. Why go the extra step and build it into this act I wonder.

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