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- TechEd in town

- Shin on me, ICONZ

- Memo to MIS: get ready for Doom 3

- Bag… Notes? Notes my bag?

Someone debug the weather, because I don’t think I can stand any more rain.

- Tech-Ed in town

Microsoft developer love-fest took place this week in Auckland. Tech-Ed was the first multi-day event at the Sky Tower Convention Centre and a very large do for New Zealand. Microsoft reckons it was attended by over 1,800 fresh and fragrant developers who were gabbed at by 73 local and international tech speakers.

Our Matt had his implants done and proceeded to reformat all the *BSD and Linux servers and installing Windows Server 2003 on them upon returning to the Computerworld bunker. Well, no, Tech-Ed wasn’t quite that impressive, but close. High-calibre speakers, lots of variety in the 125 tech sessions and 130 hands-on labs where you could hack around with MS toys should mean that the attendees left feeling sated and happy.

The only thing that went wrong was the Aussies, who scheduled their Tech-Ed to start on Wednesday, the last day of the Kiwi one. The underhand scheduling seems to have taken MSNZ with surprise.

Now the key thing that every Tech-Ed is judged by is of course The Bag. This year’s model is in err… traditional black, and made of tactile synthetics with sturdy metal ringlets for the carrying and fastening functions. Perhaps a little bit less roomy than preceding years’ bags due to a more svelte design, it is nevertheless surprisingly spacious. The number of compartments is down, with none at the sides to stuff geek toys and sunnies in. Unfortunately, the logos this year are woven into the outer flap, and look desperately difficult to neutralise. Apart from that, The Bag meets with the approval of the media.

For a full review and benchmark testing of The Bag plus our extensive Tech-Ed coverage, make sure you pick up the next issue of Computerworld.

- Shin on me, ICONZ

ICONZ bagged the last PROBE region, which covers the remotest parts of our wonderful country. The idea is to use a satellite for transmitting the Intarweb to schools, as well as to beam their traffic up. Two-way satellite broadband, in other words; wasn’t that what Ihug promised to deliver as well?

The specs look pretty good, with fat bandwidth pipes for downstream and upstream, and tolerable latency. Shin Sat (don’t try to say that after a few drinks) is set to launch the IPstar 1 bird in February 2005 though, which is much later than we were first told. Will this affect the PROBE rollout? Watch this space…

- ICONZ wins Probe funding for satellite service

- Shin's next generation satellite service for Probe revealed

- Memo to MIS: get ready for Doom 3

Guys, this doesn’t look good. Nine to ten frames per second, at 640 by 480 resolution only? The highly anticipated Doom III game is out and we want to play but MIS has been napping again. I mean, check out the minimum specs:

* 1.5GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent AMD CPU

* 384MB RAM

* 64MB Nvidia GeForce 3/4/FX or ATi Radeon 8500 or faster video card.

* 2GB hard disk space

However, that’ll probably only barely run Doom 3 and it looks like a 3GHz CPU accompanied by 512MB or 1GB RAM is the deal, plus an Nvida GeForce FX 6800 or ATI 9800/XT800 video card. This should let you turn on all the graphics eye-candy, but the monitor may need an upgrade as well, as you’ll want to play at 1,600 by 1,200 for the best visual experience. I’d say one of those new 21” LCDs with response times below 15ms ought to do. Oh, and we’ll need surround sound as well.

Get that upgrade cycle rolling!

- Doom 3 homepage

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