TelstraClear underwhelmed by CLI promise

Says Telecom's proposal isn't number portability

TelstraClear is unimpressed with Telecom’s “improved” interim solution to number portability using call forwarding.

“The advanced form of call forwarding proposed by Telecom is not number portability as defined in the Telecommunications Carrier Forum's LMNP (local and mobile number portability) Code. At the moment we cannot differentiate this proposal from the call re-address process we have now under bilateral agreement with them,” says spokesman Mathew Bolland.

“The earliest date Telecom has advised us we can expect [full] number portability is April 2007, which is the estimate provided in respect to its ability to implement the IPMS (Industry Portability Management System). Without the IPMS to manage the porting request process, all we have is a party-to-party call forwarding arrangement."

TelstraClear illustrates the difference by citing a case where a former Telecom customer has moved from Telecom to TelstraClear and then moves from TelstraClear to World Exchange in subsequent ports.

“Under Telecom's proposal, WorldExchange would need to initiate a relinquishment of the existing call-forward arrangement between Telecom and TelstraClear and then initiate a new call-forward arrangement between Telecom and themselves.

"The whole process would need to be coordinated and managed manually, both to deliver the customer expectation and also to ensure network routing integrity." Such an arrangement results in “inefficiency and ongoing costs,” says Bolland.

“Telecom continues to slip on delivery of LMNP — not only does mobile number portability appear to be in question following comments by Theresa Gattung and Simon Moutter, but they have gone from saying the [interim arrangement] will be available in July next year to saying it will be "substantially" available by then, and will still not tell us what they are actually delivering and how that's different from what we have today."

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