InternetNZ set to become 'more proactive' – Davidson

ISP code of practice is top priority

The code of practice for ISPs is top of InternetNZ president Keith Davidson’s agenda for the coming year. “I look forward to standing here 365 days from now and saying we have a robust code,” he told the society’s annual general meeting on July 30.

The code-of-practice project will “start in earnest in early August”, executive director Peter Macaulay said in InternetNZ’s annual report. “To provide a base for this, we surveyed all known internet service providers and, out of more than 140 contacts, established that we had almost unanimous support to proceed.”

The CoP will cover a variety of bases, from good business practice and appropriate information for the customer base to a procedure for notice and removal of illegal content being hosted locally.

Davidson says with the shared registry system working smoothly, and the sale of Domainz behind it, InternetNZ can afford to devote itself to a wider range of objectives, becoming “more proactive rather than reactive.”

The society ended the year in a good position financially with the registry over-budget on income and under-budget on expenditure.

Ewen McNeill put a motion to publish annually “in at least two widely read New Zealand internet or IT industry publications a visual depiction of the way money received as wholesale domain fees is broken down.” This was passed back to a council subcommittee to consider, but with broad approval of the meeting.

A motion to reduce the membership fee from $50 to $1 in order to attract more members was less well received and defeated by acclamation. Some concern was raised that the income from a marginally increased membership with a much lower fee per member would lessen income, but vice-president David Farrar pointed out that supporting a member with appropriate communications already costs far more than the membership fee brings in and the reduction would make little difference to this position.

The society has, in any case, a working party considering appropriate measures to encourage membership, and the ‘no’ vote effectively endorsed a continuation of that approach.

Sean Weekes of Iconz and Rodney Prescott, one of the original Internet Society’s inaugural councillors, were elected as new council members, with treasurer Michael Wallmansberger and secretary Chris Streatfield being re-elected unopposed.

Four new fellows of InternetNZ were elected; NZ internet pioneer Mark Davies, Andy Linton, who has been involved with many committees at the core of keeping the .nz domain running, and Jim Higgins and Roger Hicks, the first two chairmen of the society.

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