Unsafe images; Virus writers taunt; i-UBS

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- Unsafe images

- When virus writers taunt

- i-UBS

- How it all began for Google

FryUp reader Andrew S found the humble beginnings of Google in the Web Archive. Yes, that is Lego used to build a hard drive enclosure.

WebArchive of Google Hardware

- Unsafe images

Isn’t there any safe activity left for Interweb users? Just now, a warning about stack and integer overflows causing exploitable security holes in the Open Source XpixMap Xpm library code used for parsing image files dropped down into my inbox.

This follows warnings from Microsoft and Mozilla about similar security problems with JPEG and PNG image handling in their software. Run, don’t walk, to update your systems, because the Internet is incredibly hostile and it’s not a question of if an exploit or malware will be available for the image handling security issues, but when.

- Mozilla fixes browser bugs

- JPEG handling flaw threatens Windows PCs, Microsoft warns

- When virus writers taunt

Sven Jaschan, the 18-year old who inflicted Netsky and Sasser on Windows PCs around the world was charged by German authorities last week for digital sabotage, but that’s probably not what is smarting him the most.

No, Jaschan is being taunted by the rival MyDoom virus writer, who have stuck a photograph (is there a trend here?) into their latest malware and unleashed it on the world. Luckily, the Mydoom.Y virus, as it’s called, isn’t spreading much but it does show that digital vandals are essentially free to do as they please. Well, with the exception of Jaschan of course.

- Reuters: Net Virus Turf War Resumes After Rival's Arrest

- i-UBS

Getting the Unbundled Bitstream Service out of the door by the end of the month as a tunnelled Layer 2 service proved too tricky for Telecom. After router crashes and customer’s DSL connections being randomly reset to 256kbit/s even when they’re on the full-rate Jetstream plan, Telecom gave up on the L2TP idea for the time being.

Instead, providers will now get a straight clone of the existing Jetstream Surf DSL service. Maybe in six months time, the bugs will be ironed out and the original service available. Who knows?

Still, you have to wonder why the Commerce Commission and government bought into a service without evidence that it would be delivered on time, let alone actually work. And where are the sanctions for not delivering the expected service?

By now, it should be abundantly clear to even the dimmest bulb that the partial unbundling idea is a total fiasco. Scrap all the UBS nonsense, I say, and give us unbundling instead. Otherwise we’ll never catch up with the rest of the world in the broadband stakes.

- Telecom bitstream hit by technical problems – delayed for up to six months

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