Bartercard CEO: 'think like a business owner'

Get in front of CxOs and other staff

CRM is one of the worst examples of software not being used properly, Bartercard chief executive Denis Orme says.

Orme, delivering the lunchtime presentation on the second day of the CIO Conference in Auckland last week, said while there were many good CRM products on the market, it often didn't fulfil its potential in organisations because "no-one owns it".

Often, after a CRM system is installed, who takes charge of the data and who keeps in contact with customers isn't fully addressed and the system never achieves its full functionality.

As well as making observations about individual technologies, Orme addressed the broader question of the relationship between the CIO and the rest of the organisation.

CIOs need to know not just about technology, but about finance, human resource management, marketing and strategy, he says, noting that the CIO, CEO and CFO are three vital "C-level" executives who need to work together.

"They're a team."

The CIO also needs to spend as much "face time" with other staff as possible, rather than sit at a computer relying on email.

"Get in front of people and remember, you're not the chief technology officer or the chief grid operator, you're a business owner."

To get the breadth of experience needed to work effectively with the CEO and CFO, Orme recommends coming up with a career plan. "Identify where you're weak. If it's in finance, for example, focus on those areas, so that in 2–3 years you'll be a more rounded executive."

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