Big Red:Big Blue, Kazaa, Halo2

So farewell then, IBM PCs Twenty years ago They were built like tanks Slow and heavy But we still love the keyboards

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- Big Red buys Big Blue

- Kazoo, Kazaa

- Bandwidth blowout

- Seasoned grittings and goodbye

- Big Red buys Big Blue

So farewell then, IBM PCs

Twenty years ago

They were built like tanks

Slow and heavy

But we still love the keyboards

Who can forget


MCA, PS/2 and PCjr

DOS and Windows

Constant crashes and viruses

IBM started all that

And now Lenovo’s got it

For US$1.25 billion

What a legend

- China’s Lenovo to buy IBM’s PC business

- Totally wired

The Inquirer’s Mageek found this Grauniad nugget: “… this national dependence on the web has happened in the ten short years since IBM targeted the domestic consumer with PCs powerful enough to connect with the web.”

- Lenovo’s website doesn’t seem to load, but the whois for the netblock it’s in claims the description “NO.1 reconnaissance designation of Chinamor.”

- Kazoo, Kazaa

My good friend Garth Montgomery has been on the Kazaa case since day one, writing a very funny blog about the trial. Reading about how fine legal brains melt while attempting to understand technology is hilarious to say the least.

On a more serious note, the case is very important. As Garth puts it, the trial was “billed to be the great internet showdown of all time”. The “music industry head kickers” are certainly taking it seriously enough, sparing no expense in finding evidence against Kazaa creators Sharman Networks. Who will prevail?

- KazaaGate Daily Dispatches

- Witness switched sides

Trial expert witness not really that expert?

- Bandwidth blowout

Microsoft has so much to answer for, and soon we can slap another charge on the Redmondians for they have released Halo 2 for Xbox Live.

For those who haven’t tried either version of Halo, know that it’s a very good and addictive game, and people like to play it over the internet using Microsoft’s Xbox Live subscription service. That’s apparently led to an explosion in internet traffic which in turn creates headaches for ISPs trying to cope with it.

Network analysts say providers need to act now to enhance the broadband experience for people. Prioritised bandwidth for gamers and low latency is the prescription. Yeah. Who’s going to offer that in New Zealand?

- Halo 2 heralds traffic explosion

- Seasoned grittings and goodbye

As the summer beats a hasty retreat here in Auckland and Father Christmas bangs menacingly on the door (debt collectors shouldn’t be allowed to dress up like that), it’s time to say goodbye to you, dear FryUp readers. We’ll be back in late January with a tan that for once isn’t caused by monitor radiation.

Burn some bandwidth for me, people.

- See Santa mosh

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