Can I take your call?

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Can I take your call?

Oh irony of ironies: a phone company that doesn't have a network or phones. Econet Wireless has bamboozled the industry for the past four years with talk of launching its GSM cellphone network Real Soon Now, but its troubles run deeper than not having a network. Callers to the office can't be transfered between extensions. Instead, callers' numbers are taken down (presumably on a piece of paper with a pencil) and they ring you back. Next we'll hear about a computer company that hires secretaries to type up letters.

Disaster preparedness

Word has it that when EMC's Wellington office checked its disaster recovery supply cupboard after the capital's recent spate of earthquakes, it was found to be fully stocked up with food, a torch and all the usual things you need in the event of a disaster — except water. No doubt that situation has now been remedied and the company that makes a substantial portion of its income from disaster recovery is itself prepared should disaster strike.

Bad pun in search of a story

Woosh's new chief operating officer, Rich Cane, tells E-tales he's a true telecommunications man from way back. How far back? Three generations, says Cane, citing his father's and grandfather's careers in the telco sector. Which makes him possibly the only real 3G operator in New Zealand.

Covert Korean language promotion by Microsoft?

It seems Microsoft is out to covertly improve our knowledge of foreign languages, using Outlook as the delivery medium. A regular E-Tales devotee tells us he recently experienced the following sequence of events, leaving him more than a little confused and frustrated — but at least he had clean teeth ...

  1. Outlook crashes with a fatal error, allegedly caused by a plug-in called Lookout.
  2. Remove Lookout. No joy: Outlook calendar now in Korean and English, with extra different dates plus real dates.
  3. Repair Outlook. Outlook still in Korean.
  4. Reinstall Office. Outlook still in Korean.
  5. Format hard drive.
  6. Reinstall Office, can't load one file, look at install CD and see a scratch in the middle.
  7. Polish scratch with toothpaste (mild abrasive)
  8. Complete reinstall.
  9. Outlook now back in English

It's fun to stay at the ...

The EPC/RFID: The Way of the Future conference in Auckland last week apparently opened with a rendition of the Village People's 'YMCA'.

Could the lyrics of the song not have been adapted for the conference? After all, RFID is also a four-letter term. As far as we know, representatives from companies exhibiting at the conference didn't put on Native American, cowboy or construction worker costumes for the song.

Intel announces corporate concussion

A press release from Intel caused us to do a double-take recently. The headline announced the semi-conductor giant has "double vision".

What happened? Did fierce competitor AMD smack Intel upside the head or is drunkenness causing it to see double?

Nothing so dramatic: it was just an announcement that Intel has started making dual-core processors. Dual processor brains, twice the vision for the future, geddit? We think Intel's release writers were a bit out of focus with this one however.

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