Telecom launches new Xtra business DSL and UBS plans

Offers lower download speeds and smaller bills

Telecom has launched three new DSL plans aimed at business users. Called Business Jetstream, Xtra offers two 1Mbit/s download speed plans with 3GB and 10GB monthly data caps and one 2Mbit/s with a 15GB monthly data allowance. The upstream speed for all three plans is limited to 128kbit/s and will launch on July 8, the same time as Telecom's 1 and 2Mbit/s Unbundled Bitstream Service (UBS) plans become available through other ISPs.

Xtra will continue to offer full-rate DSL plans, which offer download speeds of up to 8Mbit/s and uploads of 600kbit/s, but cost a great deal more than the new lower speed plans for the same amount of data. The full-rate Jetstream 3000 with 3GB allowance costs $309.78 a month compared to $119.95 for the Business 3GB plan; the 10GB Jetstream 10000 costs $905.78, or six times more than the Business 10GB plan. The nearest existing Xtra full-rate plan to the new $299.95 Business 15GB offering is the Jetstream 20000, with 20GB cap; this costs $1,617.78 a month.

Excess usage over and above the monthly data allocation is also costly for the full-rate plans compared to the new ones, ranging from 9c and 10.7c/MB for Jetstream 20000 and 10000 to 14.3c/MB for Jetstream 3000, whereas the new plans charge 4.44c per megabyte and also have an option to throttle down to 64kbit/s once the monthly allowance has been consumed. This "throttle on cap" option is not available on the full-rate plans.

Telecom's 1 and 2Mbit/s UBS plans will cost ISPs $97.20 and $172.20 a month respectively. Unlike the residential UBS plans, Telecom will allow wholesale ISPs to promote static IP addresses with the business plans.

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