Faster JetStream no longer promoted

Telecom will still sell full-speed plans - to those who know to ask

Telecom is no longer actively promoting its full-speed JetStream plans, preferring to offer a "simplified" line up of slower plans.

The telco first offered its full-speed JetStream plans, capable of at least 2Mbit/s downstream and with an upstream speed of around 600kbit/s, in 1999. However, since launching its new Broadband Venture business plans this month, it has stopped promoting the full-speed plans and will only offer them to customers who ask for them specifically. Last week all mention of the full-speed plans had been removed from Telecom's website.

The new business plans have been criticised for not offering better upload speeds — they are all rate-limited to 128kbit/s upstream. Telecom has also come under fire for the price of full-speed plans, which cost thousands of dollars a month.

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