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Recruiter ITmaniacs responds to reader questions

Network Administrator writes: My job involves maintaining the health and overseeing the expansion of the network, servers, computers, WAN and PABX. I work for a manufacturing company in Christchurch and have been in the role for six years. My skills include proficiency in C/C++, Visual Basic .Net, 68000 Assembly, PHP, VBA and VBScript. I can use Java with a low level of skill and have extensive knowledge of Crystal Reports and Streamserve. I also have a thorough understanding of Windows operating systems, ranging from Windows 95 to XP and Microsoft Office. I have detailed knowledge of Novell NetWare, Groupwise, Zenworks, BorderManager and eDirectory. I have an understanding of wireless networks, VoIP and VLANs, JScript, basic AS400 skills and DB2 and mySQL database administration. I also have experience in packet sniffing over IP networks and a working knowledge of running Cisco routers and Allied Telesyn layer two and three kit. I have a reasonable knowledge of Linux usage and administration and ERP implementation experience. Career highlights include designing and creating a reporting structure for our ERP system. This included writing custom software to populate the tables of the data warehouse and largely automating the output of reports.

ITmaniacs replies: Wow, you have managed to get your hands on some great technologies over your six years in this role. What we read in to your description is that you work in a fairly small IT department and as the resident in-house techo and techno guru, you have been exposed to pretty much all the projects on the go within the company. Bearing this in mind, if you could develop your skills on the report creation side and also focus your additional skills on the development and network packet expertise, you should be pitching around $65-80,000. The higher rates would be easier to get in Wellington or Auckland. On the contract side, you'll be looking at $50–60 per hour.

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