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The ever-expanding internet empire that is Google launched another beta this week.

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- Google talks IM

- Hashem prepared a big fish to ingest Yonah

- TUANZ Awards night report

Google talks IM

The ever-expanding internet empire that is Google launched another beta this week. It's the Google Talk instant messaging client that is upon us and … it’s lame. Really lame. You need a Gmail email account to use it, there’s all the “invitation” nonsense going on, but what do you get for it? Very little, compared to MSN, ICQ, Trillian and Skype. Google Talk does have voice “chatting” and a button that takes you to Gmail for emailing but that’s it. So no encryption, no video, no annoying “winks” and “nudges” … no customisation or images, and for once, Google’s searching prowess doesn’t help it at all — there’s nothing to search for in IM clients, apart from the contacts list. Save your download quota for something else.

- Google launches instant messaging service

- Google Talk

Hashem prepared a big fish to ingest Yonah

… but is that fish AMD? The Torah doesn’t say. Yonah is the codename for Intel’s next-generation processor, and it marks a return to sensibility for Intel. No more making excuses for sizzling hot but under-performing Netburst architecture Prescott Pentium 4 CPUs, basically, as Yonah is based on the cooler (literally) Pentium M processor which is found in notebooks. The Pentium M-based Yonah will be dual-core as well, with separate caches for each “brain” and overall, it should perform far better than the current generation of Intel CPUs that are struggling to keep up with AMD’s best bits.

- Intel's Yonah takes first step toward new chips

- AMD asks Intel for a dual-core duel

TUANZ Awards night report

Last night, a merry TUANZ Innovation Awards audience was treated to our IT Minister, David Cunliffe, having a go at not just ex-Comms Minister Maurice Williamson, but also Econet Wireless, Telecom and even his own Telecommunications Commissioner, Douglas Webb. Perhaps he was intoxicated by election year feistiness, but fortunately fisticuffs did not break out.

It would’ve been a close match, actually. Not sure who I’d back in a brawl between Cunliffe and Webb. Cunliffe clearly has the reach and the rugby-playing background but Webb looks like he’d fight dirty if he had to. Also, he has worked in Washington, DC, so he can definitely give as good as he gets.

Cunliffe’s speech centred on his version of the nine o’clock news and began with reported sightings of a cylindrical tower somewhere in Manukau belonging to Econet that caused many a chuckle in the crowd. He reported on Telecom’s annual profit announcement ($4.5 billion off the back of strong sales in broadband, narrow band, mobile, fixed line and tolls) which Telecom was supposed to describe as being evidence of the razor thin margins and brittle nature of the telco industry in New Zealand.

After suggesting that it would be news worthy of reporting if and when the Government accepts one of Webb’s recommendations, he rounded out by describing a lightning strike on the aforementioned cylindrical tower and saying Econet’s Tex Edwards “described the lightning strike as a failure of the government’s regulatory regime to properly control the weather”.

Most of the speeches were short and sweet, including Telecom CTO Murray Milner’s acceptance of the Chairman’s Award. Only the fragrant Annette Presley from telco Callplus broke the mould and made a real acceptance speech, thanking her husband, very jolly for the occasion, plus her staff and Telecom for allowing CallPlus’s iTalk service to work on Telecom’s network.

While giggling on the sly at the bitchiness from ministers and telco leaderenes, FryUp’s clandestine correspondent at the TUANZ Awards night had the cockles of his heart warmed when Support Person of the Year went to Wayne Hawkins from Christchurch Girls' High School. Wayne was clearly chuffed to bits over the award and his screaming fan club from CGHS brought the house down when he accepted it. Nice one Wayne.

- Vodafone, Probe and Ihug among winners at TUANZ awards

- TUANZ Innovation Awards 2005

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