Apple responds to OS X-Intel pirates

Campaign against pirates launched

Apple has begun its campaign against OS X for Intel pirates with a new release of its developer's testing OS software for Intel.

OS X for Intel is now at version 10.4.2. It implements new ways to prevent piracy of the software. This follows numerous reports that earlier builds of the software have been released without authorization through file-sharing systems.

Developers have taken these pirated software builds and managed to make them work on numerous Intel-based processors, with some reports even claiming success getting Mac OS X to work on processors from AMD.

Multiple anecdotal reports suggest that OS X for Intel boots up and performs faster that the OS does on today's Macs.

To prevent this, Apple has ensured that applications built using its new OS X software build will not function on earlier iterations of the OS.

Apple is expected to apply stiffer protections in future, as the release of the first Intel Macs approaches.

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