Wired Country sold to Compass Communications

Telecom confirms it will buy radio spectrum rights, if that's OK with the Commerce Commission

South Auckland utility company Counties Power's short dabble in telecommunications is officially over. The company confirmed that it has sold its wired and wireless network provider, Wired Country, to Auckland ISP Compass Communications.

No details such as the price paid by Compass for Wired Country were given. However, the sale is said to be conditional at this stage. Compass will offer jobs to all Wired Country staff.

Compass chief executive Karem Hussona says his ISP will extend the Wired Country coverage and range of services offered, but did not go into specifics as to how or when this would happen.

As reported yesterday by Computerworld, Counties Power has also sold radio spectrum management rights to Telecom. Two 3.5GHz bands were purchased by Telecom, which hasn't so far said what it intends to use them for. Wired Country's existing wireless service operates in the 3.5GHz band.

The sale of the radio spectrum management rights is subject to clearance by the Commerce Commission, which will investigate if Telecom's purchase of the frequencies has anti-competitive implications.

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