Woosh doubles speed

Pay for 250kbit/s, get 500kbit/s

Hot on the heels of bad publicity over a supposedly failed public float, Woosh Wireless has announced it will double the connection speeds on some accounts for no charge.

Customers who use either the Express 10GB or Fusion plans will find their connection speeds are doubled to 500kbit/s. Customers on other plans can pay an additional $5 a month to receive the same upgrade.

Woosh Wireless operates a portable wireless infrastructure built using a 3G cellphone technology. Because Woosh doesn't offer a mobile service, but instead calls its product a "personal, portable" service, it can offer higher bandwidth speeds and so compete with fixed line technologies, such as DSL.

Woosh has also said it will upgrade its network to allow for higher levels of bandwidth, probably up to 1Mbit/s, in the next few months. Chief operating officer Rich Cane says his intention is not to offer a service described by its maximum speed, but to always offer a service that Woosh can deliver consistently.

Last month Woosh finally delivered on its long-promised voice service. Woosh customers can now use either a softphone to make voice calls over a laptop or buy a voice gateway device that connects the Woosh wireless modem to any existing landline phone unit. Woosh says it has gained 500 voice customers in the first month of operation. Woosh has in excess of 15,000 broadband customers.

The new speed takes effect from the start of November.

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