IPv6 start for government shared network not certain now

Not so likely

The likelihood that the Government Shared Network (GSN) will start off running IPv6 may have diminished, following an acknowledgement from John Houlker, of NZ Trade and Industry, that he misconstrued a comment made to him by SSC staff associated with the project.

Houlker now says he agrees with SSC spokesman Jason Ryan that IPv6 “may not” happen from the beginning. But he still thinks it would be a good idea and will try to persuade the SSC to look at it more closely.

The “green fields” nature of the GSN is a strong argument for starting with the new generation of internet protocol, Houlker says.

IPv6 offers a much wider address range than today’s IPv4 as well as easier management of some of the more modern services on the internet, such as multicasting.

Its wholesale adoption would introduce a little extra complexity for government agencies currently running IPv4, Houlker admits. But there are techniques for managing this, he says.

“A dual [IP] stack is probably the best way to do it.”

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