Unbundling timeline: what happens next?

The brave new world of telecommunications has been ushered in with something of a roar but what will actually happen and when?

Starting in 2006

• Draft and introduce new Telco Act ammendments by year’s end

• Introduce new unconstrained UBS service

• Introduce naked DSL

• Introduce full local loop unbundling

• Implement monitoring process

• Review public sector spending on telecommunications

• Review Telecommunications Service Obligation (TSO)

Starting in 2007

• Develop rural broadband package (Probe II) and expand Digital Strategy broadband challenge

• Commerce Commission to conduct full stocktake of mobile sector

• Consider price discrimination issues that are a barrier to entry

• Commence policy analysis of separation of Telecom divisions

• Set up industry group to discuss Next Generation Network rollout impact

• MED to prepare a report into full structural separation of Telecom’s wholesale and retail divisions by December 2007 at the latest

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