TelstraClear tries to make a go of reselling Telecom DSL again

New PDQ plans the result of CUBS deal last December

TelstraClear CEO Alan Freeth today unveiled the telco's new PDQ broadband plans —without a mention of pricing or speeds, possibly in an effort to draw attention away from the fact that the new service is resold Telecom DSL.

As expected, the new plans are based on the Commercial Unbundled Bitstream Service that TelstraClear felt compelled to go with in December instead of the regulated variant awarded it by the Commerce Commission. They have been updated to include the 512kbit/s upstream speed that Telecom introduced in April for itself and its wholesale partners.

However, TelstraClear is marketing the plans in a different manner to Telecom and other providers. Customers pick the speed they think suits them, starting at 256kbit/s going up to 3.5Mbit/s for downloads, and 128kbit/s to 512kbit/s maximum for uploads.

On top of that, customers buy usage plans in blocks of 1GB and 10GB. Customers can buy additional blocks of usage if they go over their existing one. This is the main difference between the PDQ service and existing Telecom DSL, which either throttles down to 64kbit/s once the volume is exceeded, or else customers have to pay penal rates of 2¢ per megabyte.

Customers have to sign up for a minimum contract period of one year, and put all their national, international and home-to-mobile calls through TelstraClear. Cancellation fees apply if contracts are terminated prematurely and customers must maintain a $10 per month balance on their calls.

A residential voice line is required on top, at a cost of $42.35 in most areas outside Wellington and Christchurch.

The cheapest TelstraClear plan would cost $28.95 a month for 256/128kbps with 1GB usage and the most expensive one, $77.95 for 3.5Mbps/512kbps and 10GB allowance.

In comparison, Telecom charges $29.95 for its Xtra Broadband Basic plan, with 256kbps/128kbps speed and 200MB allowance, with 2¢ per MB penal rate for traffic exceeding the monthly volume. The incumbent's Xtra Broadband Pro comes in at $79.95 a month for 3.5Mbps/512kbps and 10GB allowance; again, Telecom applies a penal rate of 2¢ per MB for customers who exceed the monthly data cap.

New TelstraClear PDQ CUBS plans at a glance

PDQ LaunchPDQ AcceleratePDQ TurboPDQ Max
PDQ 1GB packPDQ 10GB pack
$2.95 each$11.95 each

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