End of longhaul laptops

How soon until we have board flights chained up, wearing orange jumpsuits and have an obligatory Gitmo stopover for security purposes?

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- End of longhaul laptops

- Live! Lame!

- Pixar worm eats into Apple on big day

- Privacy? Get over it, especially on AOL

W4r3z thugstas

Fo’ real. Errm… why?

- Hackers and Crackers

- Zearle

Don’t like late nineties h4x0rz and cr4kz0rZ anthems? Try Bob Log III live instead.

- Bob Log III at The Zoo, Brisbane

Fat Possum Records have frame-ified their site so you need to select “Bob Log III” in the drop down box on the home page.

- Fat Possum

End of longhaul laptops

How soon until we have board flights chained up, wearing orange jumpsuits and have an obligatory Gitmo stopover for security purposes?

Either way, that’s that for taking your notebook onboard on flights, so no working on that presentation on the longhaul flight to a conference in LA. Sounds like bringing duty free onboard is a thing of the past too…

- Airports across the globe tighten security

Live! Lame!

There I was, writing in last week’s FryUp (which came out this week, courtesy of Notes being ornery), that Microsoft’s Live! thing really isn’t that bad.

I didn’t encounter any issues, but others did. All in all, it looks like the Windows Live Spaces launch was a fiasco, and users are fed up and want to go back to what worked before.

Also fed up is Niall Kennedy, the RSS guru Microsoft hired from Technorati. He’s leaving Microsoft already, having only joined in April, joining several other high-profile Redmondians jumping ship.

Kennedy says that Windows Live is under some heavy change, reorganisation, pullback and general paralysis at the moment. Due to this, his ability to perform, hire and execute was “completely frozen” too.

- Microsoft MSN Spaces 'Live' upgrade beset with problems

- Niall Kennedy’s Weblog

Pixar worm eats into Apple on big day

Steve Jobs and his Apple crew on the other hand are merry as grigs at the moment. Their new Intel Mac Pros look stunning and cool- literally, the new Woodcrest CPUs that I tipped off the world about (well, speculated on) in April already means that you can stick two dual-core processors inside a Mac Pro without having to resort to exotic liquid cooling.

It’s annoying though that Jobs and Apple refused to say much about “Leopard” or the new version 10.5 of OS X. Sure, saying it’s Vista 2.0 is a nice jape, but there’s no chance of Microsoft copying anything in Leopard at this stage. Microsoft has Release Candidate 1 of Vista coming up soon, so there’s no time for “photocopying” despite Apple’s claims.

The media is speculating that this year’s World Wide Developer Conference could be the final curtain for Steve Jobs. To that end, we saw reports on Jobs performance being lack-lustre and generally unenthusiastic but what was weighing heavily on his shoulders? Could it have been the dodgy options dealings at his film studio Pixar that are now coming back to bite Jobs, perhaps?

- Woodcrest in Mac Pro and Apple OS X Leopard spots emerging

- Apple previews Mac OS X Leopard, Leopard Server

- Apple grows Leopard as Vista delays persist

- WWDC chat in a nutshell

- Jobs faces further questions on options

Privacy? Get over it, especially on AOL

Search engines are great, aren’t they? You can find just about anything you want on them, including things that you don’t want others to find out that you have searched for.

Behemoth US ISP America Online decided to release the logs of all searches made between March and May this year by half a million of its customers, onto the Internet.

The original Fry Upper (Friar Up?) Russell Brown has a good summary of the arguably worst example of corporate privacy violation so far, on his Hard News blog over at Public Address. Check out some of the searches found, including the one sleuthing Netguide editor Nigel Horrocks came across.

Meanwhile, I see that AOL will now offer free personalised email domains from September. Normally this would be a great offer, but can we trust AOL to keep the 2GB worth of email storage each customer gets safe?

- Hard News

- Contender: Worst mistake ever

- Hard News

- Quite normal, really

- AOL offers free personalised email domains

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