New Telecom full-speed DSL plans revealed

The new plans are named after cars and feature unconstrained downstream speed

Telecom has changed its entire range of DSL broadband plans and removed speed-throttling.

The new plans are named after cars and feature unconstrained downstream speed, with the more expensive plans featuring unconstrained upstream too.

Prices are based on Telecom’s Wholesale Broadband Service (WBS) offering. WBS allows for a 16% margin for wholesalers, so retail pricing will be correspondingly higher.

The new “managed” Cabriolet plan is aimed at extremely high volume users, who will be put into a pool of IP addresses, with a managed amount of bandwidth shared among all the users in that group.

An anonymous ISP source expressed concern that her company would not be able to provide similar plans as Telecom charges wholesale partners 50¢ per GB over the present 4GB aggregate limit.

Customers on the current Basic 256/128kbit/s and Go 2Mbit/s/128kbit/s plans will be automatically migrated to the Coupe and Berlinetta plans under the new regime. ISPs can, however, ask Telecom not to shift their customers over to the new plans.

The present Explorer and Adventure plans will be “grandfathered”, with the download speed being unconstrained, however. Pricing and data caps remain the same.

Older full-rate plans including several Jetstream plans will be withdrawn on November 26, and all other existing WBS and wholesale Jetstream plans removed on October 26.

PlanSpeedData CapZone 1 priceExcess data charge per MBZone 2 priceExcess data charge per MB
BerlinettaFS/128k1GB$37.24Throttle on Cap$32.49Throttle on Cap
SpeedsterFS/FS2GB$45.60Throttle on Cap$39.78Throttle on Cap
Pro AdvancedFS/FS30GB$87.381.6711¢$76.221.14578¢
Pro UltraFS/FS50GB$129.151.6711¢$112.671.14578¢

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