The price is right - for Telecom only?

Full-speed DSL made its official comeback this week, with the launch of a bundle of new plans from Telecom.

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- The price is right – for Telecom only?

Thirty years later, I got the email

Luckily, I had the foresight to set up mail forwarding on the account I used then.

- FutureMe

Hot Flashes in the pan

- Paul Neave

- Jonathan Yuen

Multi-core blimey in San Fran

There’s a new spring in Intel’s corporate step, after the launch of the dual-core Conroe, and now, the dual dual-core Kentswood (which is two Conroes glued together). No longer is AMD able to wipe the floor with Intel’s processors in the performance stakes – or in power usage and thus, heat output; Intel has taken a substantial lead in both areas, which will be compounded by the four-core Kentswood.

However, there were many more interesting things at the Intel Developer Forum, some of which should be very relevant to New Zealand, like the 802.16e mobile as well as the normal fixed WiMAX. This wireless broadband standard has been plagued by delays and regulatory uncertainty, but it looks it gathering momentum now. Big US ISPs are rolling out WiMAX networks – this is the driver the market will need to take off – and Callplus in NZ has a few small deployments going up north as well.

Energy saving is a big topic too nowadays, with big data centres mushrooming up around the world, and it’s sort of strange hearing Intel, with its history of hot and power-hungry processors, sing this particular tune. It’s good of course, because I was looking with some alarm at announcements of 1kW power supplies for high end gaming rigs.

Ultimately though, Intel’s present confidence is fragile. You could detect nerves when AMD was mentioned, because Intel isn’t quite sure what its competitor will come up with next. The 4x4 platform doesn’t look all that impressive on paper, but AMD’s 65nm migration could spring surprises.

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The price is right – for Telecom only?

Full-speed DSL made its official comeback this week, with the launch of a bundle of new plans from Telecom.

It wouldn’t be Telecom however if the launch was without controversy – and it is, because ISPs reckon that they’re paying more wholesale than Telecom is retailing one of the plans for, and are talking about legal action to stop it.

Also, Telecom’s definition of “unlimited” seems to be rather flexible. Its new Go Large retail and Cabriolet WBS (Wholesale Broadband Service) plans let you down and upload as much as you like, but not between the hours of four in the afternoon and midnight. That’s when the network is busy, see, so if you hit more than 700MB a day during that period of time, you’ll go into a sin-bin with limited amount of bandwidth to share for a whole week.

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