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TelstraClear's cable service has suffered more problems

TelstraClear’s cable service has suffered more problems. Following a number of cable breaks in adverse weather over the past two months, a glitch in its routers late last month resulted in two IP numbers being assigned to some users through different routers. This conflict caused the user’s cable modem to shut down.

In most cases, the intermittent problem has caused only short-lived outages that recover spontaneously or can be cured by flushing the user’s DNS cache and re-establishing the connection. But having to do this repeatedly was annoying, users say. Some outages proved more obstinate, requiring a reboot of the modem or the PC.

The helpdesk was clogged with inquiries, and users were asked to wait for as long as 45 minutes. On receiving help some users spoken to by Computerworld report that it was not helpful, and confused them further. Helpdesk staff didn’t seem to understand the problem, one says.

Recorded IVR messages and website warnings (when the website could be raised) were also confusing, reporting either no problems, problems with dial-up or problems only in Auckland, when they were occurring in other places.

Maintenance staff eventually brought the network down for five hours, in the early hours of September 22. They reconfigured the routers and had restored the network by 6am.

The fault also knocked out programme menus on the TelstraClear’s television service — but viewers could still watch ads showing overseas cities being dragged closer to NZ by TelstraClear’s PDQ (Pretty Damn Quick) broadband offering.

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