Maxnet claims first with unconstrained CUBS broadband

Managed plan not feasible though on Commercial UBS

Auckland ISP Maxnet reckons it's first out of the blocks with a range of full-rate DSL broadband plans, says the provider's managing director Brett Herkt.

Herkt says that the new plans are competitive despite Telecom charging wholesalers a higher price than it charges Xtra for retail service. However, Maxnet was not able to create a Commercial Unbundled Bitstream Service (CUBS) offering that would match Telecom's retail Go Large plan — the so-called "unlimited" plan.

Instead, Maxnet chose to go with Telecom's Wholesale Broadband Service (WBS) for its Dash WBS/128-Mega plan, that features "managed" bandwidth. This means that in theory, users have an unlimited amount of data, but in practice, they are capped during peak hours to 700MB maximum.

As wholesale ISPs are subject to a 50¢ per gigabyte backhaul excess charge on data volumes over 4GB, Herkt says it was impossible to use CUBS for Maxnet's managed plan offering.

Maxnet is targetting the business market more than residential users, Herkt says. Only a quarter of customers are residential users, according to Herkt, which means Maxnet's customers don't go through as much data as those of other ISPs.

Asked about the possibility of increased network congestion brought on by the full-speed plans, Herkt says that Telecom has increased the committed information rate (CIR) on DSL from 24kbit/s to 30kbit/s. This represents a quarter increase in capacity, and will help network performance Herkt adds.

Plan nameDownload/Upload speedData capMonthly chargeExcess usage charge
Dash MX/128-10GBFS/128kbps10GB$53.95$10 per 2GB
Dash WBS/128-MegaFS/128kbpsUnlimited$59.95Managed
Dash MX/MX-15GBFS/FS15GB$79.95$10 per 2GB
Dash MX/MX-30GBFS/FS30GB$99.95$10 per 2GB
Dash MX/MX-50GBFS/FS50GB$149.95$10 per 2GB
Maxnet provides a static IP address for the 15, 30 and 50GB Dash MX/MX plans; the other plans can have static IP addresses too, but at an additional $10 per month. "Managed" is per Telecom's Fair Use Policy: this allows for a maximum of 700MB traffic per day between the hours of 4pm and midnight. Users that go over that limit will be put into a pool in which they share a limited amount of bandwith with others deemed high volume users.

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