TelstraClear launches its full-rate DSL

Interleaving can be switched off but no static IP addresses for PDQ customers

The second-largest telco in the country, TelstraClear, showed its unconstrained broadband hand today, with the launch of three new PDQ DSL plans.

TelstraClear is reselling Telecom's commercial unconstrained bitstream service (CUBS), which recently had speed restrictions removed. From October 26, customers have the option of purchasing a plan with full speed bit rates in both the up and down directions.

One major difference between CUBS and Xtra's retail DSL plans is that the former can have the interleaving error correction feature turned off. Although it mainly improves marginal connections, interleaving of the DSL signal frequency bands has been applied by default on all lines by Telecom. This adds up to 50ms latency (packet transmission delay) however, something gamers and users of other real-time application such as voice over IP are keen to minimise.

Interleaving is optional on the pricier PDQ Turbo and Max plans, says TelstraClear. However, static IP addresses are not available for the PDQ service.

As with the previous PDQ plans, customers select a speed option first and then buy monthly allowances for data in 1GB and 10GB blocks on top.

Customers will also have to have their phone lines with TelstaClear and spend a minimum of $10 per month on toll calls.

PlanSpeed (down/up)Price inc GSTData blocks
PDQ Launch256/128kbit/s$24.001GB: $2.95/month
PDQ TurboFS/128kbit/s$36.0010GB: $11.95/month
PDQ MaxFS/FS$44.00Toll spend required: $10/month

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