"DVD Jon" takes on Apple

Remember Jon Johansen, the Norwegian kid who worked out how to remove CSS scrambling of DVDs at the age of 15? He's now 22 and has Apple's iTunes and iPods in his sights.

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- “DVD Jon” takes on Apple

In a state of transdiffusion

Inbetween the War of the Ants and programming, there were test cards.

- MHP: The Test Card Gallery

Watch that wind!

Odd, unnatural and facial; they’re often used to radicalise human feelings apparently.

- Wikipedia:Gurn

This is not a condom joke

I’m not sure if the “SpamThru” Trojan is responsible for the huge increase in spam that I’ve seen recently, but there’s no doubt it’s a real worry. It could be, given the rise in image-only pump’n’dump spam – SpamThru randomises the size of the GIF image used in spam so as to avoid filtering that looks for static dimensions of pictures.

As a display of how little the spammers/malware authors care about security solutions, SpamThru downloads a pirated copy of Kaspersky Antivirus for Wingate. It then uses this to clean off other malware on the infected system that could compete with SpamThru for spam-transmission resources.

That’s bad enough, but it’ll only get worse I reckon…

- World's most sophisticated Trojan uncovered

- SpamThru Trojan Analysis


I’m sure there are some people out there looking forward to an open source version of Java but I’m not one of them. Well, I like the Java games on mobile phones but the web apps make my teeth itch. Have a look at the New Zealand Companies office for an example – the Java app there is slow, ugly and if you press the back button in the browser, you lose your search results.

Wish I could say that the Companies Office is an exception but no, for clunky web apps, Java’s the way to go. I think there are far worthier candidates to open source than Java.

- Sun to release open source Java in weeks

- Why should we care about open-source Java?

- New Zealand Companies’ Office

- Sun Microsystems- The Java Problem (OK, it’s a bit old but…)

Fairfax 2.0 out

Whoops, slip of the keyboard there. Firefox I meant. I like it a lot actually, but am struck by how similar the two Big Browsers are – Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 7.

FF 2 feels more natural to me still (have you for instance tried switching off Javascript in IE7?) and while I wish there’d been more work done to reduce the excessive memory consumption, it’ll take the Favourite Browser spot here. Opera 9 is currently in disgrace because it spins the hard disk something insane when starting up, and I haven’t figured out why yet.

- Firefox 2.0

“DVD Jon” takes on Apple

Remember Jon Johansen, the Norwegian kid who worked out how to remove CSS scrambling of DVDs at the age of 15? He’s now 22 and has Apple’s iTunes and iPods in his sights.

“I don’t like closed systems,” Jon says, and nor should we, the customers paying for said things. You’ve coughed up the dough for the music, but you can only play it on a single device. Not good.

Apple meanwhile doesn’t approve of Jon’s activities, so it’ll be interesting to see if they’ll DMCA him. Jon’s taking it easy though, by… baking.

- Unlocking the iPod

- So Sue Me: Jon Lech Johansen’s blog

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