Putting the C into IT

Convergence is driving big changes in the industry and the least we can do is recognise what is going on by updating our tagline

You may have noticed in the most recent couple of editions of Computerworld that IT has been replaced with ICT. We’re now the voice of the ICT community and no longer the voice of the IT community.

The C that has been placed between the I and the T stands for Communications, creating a three-letter acronym (yes, we know there already lots of those in this industry) that stands for Information and Communications Technology.

What’s the point of such a change? Isn’t it just a meaningless piece of semantics? Why not just leave it at good old IT, you might ask.

The reason Computerworld has expanded IT to become ICT is that today, computing and telecommunications are so intertwined that the telco aspect of our industry has to be given recognition in the industry’s name.

In many organisations, the person responsible for IT is also responsible for telephony, and developments such as VoIP are blurring the line even more.

Telecom itself is well aware of this. As well as building an all-IP NGN (next-generation network), it bought Gen-i and Computerland a couple of years ago, further recognising the synergies between its core business and computing.

TelstraClear also got in on the act with its purchase of Sytec around the same time.

Convergence is driving big changes in the industry and the least we can do is recognise what is going on by updating our tagline.

Creating an industry term that takes convergence into account has been tried before, most notably in the form of “IT&T” (IT and telecommunications), but ICT is a letter shorter and finding the & on a keyboard is too hard.

So from now on, IT will be ICT in Computerworld, but obviously job titles and company names that include IT will stay as they are, as will direct quotes from people who mention IT.

Our intention is not to replace the term IT, but to add to it, because we think it’s time the increasing inter-relationship between IT and telecommunications was recognised.

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