No overage charges on Go Large broadband plan: Xtra

200MB per hour during peak hour doesn't apply to Xtra, only wholesale WBS plan

There are no overage charges on Xtra's Go Large, Telecom says, after a poster to online forum Press F1 said the provider would charge 2¢ per megabyte for excess traffic.

The poster in question referred to a conversation with Xtra's "sales department and tech support" which in turn said that the overage charge applied once customers went over either the 700MB a day or 200MB an hour limit, which applies between 4pm and 12 midnight on the Go Large plan.

However, Xtra spokeswoman Lenska Papich says this is incorrect and no such charges apply to the Go Large plan.

Update According to Xtra's Papich, there is no 200MB per hour limit during peak times on the Go Large plan. According to Telecom's Wholesale Informer, the 200MB per hour limit applies to the wholesale WBS Cabriolet plan.

Update II Telecom is backing down on 200MB limit on WBS. Melanie Marshall, spokeswoman for Telecom Wholesale, tells Computerworldthat it was mistake - the Wholesale Informer was incorrect she says, and there is no hourly data limit on WBS Cabriolet.

"End-users who download more than 200MB in a single hour will not necessarily be placed on a watch list," Marshall says. However, Telecom monitors peak hour usage in hourly increments, including downloads of more than 200MB in an hour she says.

If the end-user stays below the 700MB threshold during peak hours, then no further action will be taken, Marshall says and adds that the above policy and monitoring apply to both the WBS Cabriolet and the retail Xtra Go Large plans.

Telecom will continue to review processes and adapt thresholds to ensure it provides the greatest benefit to the largest number of customers, according to Marshall.

ISPs have been informed about the correction to the Wholesale Informer, Marshall says.

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