Face-to-face meetings vital to ICT hiring process

The majority of effort in the candidate selection process is focused on in-person interviews, a Canadian recruitment firm claims

“In-person” meetings between employers and job seekers remain crucial to the ICT hiring process, a recent Canadian survey indicates.

As much as 75% of companies’ hiring efforts are dedicated to face-to-face meetings, the survey — which was carried out by Canadian jobs website and job fair event producer CareerDoor —indicates.

On the other hand, only approximately 10% of the time is spent screening potential employees’ resumes.

CareerDoor says in-person meetings are important, both to hiring managers and job seekers.

Those doing the hiring have an opportunity to assess applicants, while job seekers get a chance to highlight their skills, says Terri Joosten, CEO of CareerDoor. “An applicant may have a great skill set, but it could get lost in the resume pile even before he or she has a chance to speak to a hiring officer.”

Speaking with something of a vested interest, considering CareerDoor runs job fairs, Joosten says the opportunity for direct contact with potential employers is one huge advantage of job fairs offer over other hiring channels, such as online announcements, print ads, employment agency searches and head hunting services.

She says job fairs are an great venues to find out what ICT jobs are hot and the types of skills employers are looking for.

One analyst agrees with Joosten’s views, but adds that job fairs should not be viewed as the only panacea for companies’ hiring challenges.

“No one channel is a silver bullet,” says Andy Woyzbun, lead analyst with Canada’s Info-Tech Research Group. “Job fairs are one [among] a series of tools.”

He says job fairs are ideal for candidates such as fresh graduates searching for junior or entry-level positions, because they offer these individuals a sense of what the market is like.

Companies looking to fill more senior positions would be better served by targeted ads or executive searches that help narrow the choices at the onset, says Woyzbun.

ICT companies, he says, generally participate only in job fairs that are specific to the industry, which is appropriate given the specialist requirements.

“Events that have a very wide focus would be a waste of time.”

Woyzbun says ICT companies can use job fairs to gain greater visibility and promote themselves.

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