No shutdown switch for Office 2007

Feature not included in new OS

Microsoft has no plans to add a controversial Windows Vista antipiracy feature directly to its Office 2007 suite, but will consider offering it as an add-on system, the company says.

Microsoft says although it has not built its Software Protection Platform (SPP) into Office 2007, it is considering adding it to its Office Genuine Advantage (OGA) programme, a validation system that checks if a user has a legitimate copy of the software.

Microsoft is going to make validation checks for Office 2007 mandatory for users of Office Update through its OGA programme. Starting in January, users of Office Update will have to validate that their Office software is legitimate before they can use the service.

Microsoft’s antipiracy checking systems have been unpopular, WGA especially so, because early bugs in its checks were tagging legitimate software as counterfeit or pirated. Microsoft was also forced to turn off a problematic notification feature in the WGA.

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