TOYBOX: All I want for Christmas is a turquiose nano

Redesigned iPod nano another hit from Apple

All I want for Christmas is ... a turquoise iPod nano. Well, it’s described as blue in the blurb, but in my mind it’s turquoise. Oh, I’ll settle for any of the colours, the silver, the pink, the green or the black, or the red one, the special edition one which sees US$10 from every sale go to the Global Fund, which fights AIDS in Africa.

The new iPod nano is shiny, sleek and tiny. It is 90mm high, 40mm wide and 6.5mm deep, and weighs just 40 grams. It is also no longer a rectangular block; the edges having been rounded, which makes it sit nicely in your hand.

The 1.5-inch liquid crystal display has blue-white LED backlight, 176-by-132-pixel resolution and 0.168mm dot pitch. The new nano’s display is 40% brighter than that of the earlier version, says Apple. The display sits just a fraction of a millimetre lower than the aluminum shell, which, hopefully, should protect it from scratching. Another nice design feature is that the centre button now is slightly recessed.

The new nano comes with a choice between 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacity. The one I reviewed is 4GB and it couldn’t take all my music so I couldn’t put photos on it, but I should probably clean up my music storage anyway, or else go for the 8GB version. The 2GB version holds 500 songs; the 4GB holds 1,000 and the 8GB 2,000 songs.

I love how the iPod automatically sorts music into artists, albums, songs, composers and genres. And, if you are still having problems finding a certain song, there is also a very easy to use search function.

When fully charged the nano will play your songs for up to 24 hours, says Apple. The viewing time for a photo slideshow with music is up to five hours. Full-charge time is about three hours.

The new nano comes shipped in a cute little box that contains earphones, a USB 2.0 cable and a dock adapter. The 2GB nano costs $249; the 4GB costs $349 and the 8GB costs $449, and, of course, they are now available from New Zealand’s own Apple online store.

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