Stronger than a speeding bullet

MacBook survives gunshot during mugging

Suck it up

The debate on amendments to NZ copyright law in regard to technology is generating some pithy comment. For example, consultant Hamish MacEwan, in conversation after InternetNZ’s workshop on the topic, protested at the special status accorded librarians et cetera, that allow them to get round technological copy-protection mechanisms to execute “permitted use” rights. “They’re allowed to do it, but Joe Blow [the average user] isn’t,” he said. “No, I’m not even going to call him Joe Blow — he’s Joe Suck. He’s expected just to sit there and consume.” You could have given a catch-phrase to the world there, Hamish.

Devil’s chaplain rides out

E-tales wonders, “are we seeing a quiet rapprochement between religion and science”? No more face-offs between the creationists and Richard “there-is-no-God” Dawkins? (author of The God Delusion and The Devil’s Chaplain.) We came across a recent New Scientist article about flocks of North American Christians attending special I love Darwin services, to celebrate his theory of evolution.

Shaggy sheep tale not cricket

What is about Aussies and losing — especially at cricket? The word sporty just doesn’t seem to enter the not-so-fair dinkum dictionary when Aussie runs are in short supply and the Kiwis bowled ’em over. Whatever. UK news tech site The Register reckons the recent Aussie humiliation at the stumps is behind a new sheepy site they’ve came across, called

Ostensibly a Kiwi site — the perpetrators are keeping their heads down, but we know where they come from — it is for sexy sheep lovers and features alluring pictures of sheep, as well as listing only New Zealand in the country-finder pull-down menu.

What can we say? Bring on the Cricket World Cup. The West Indies will see the sheep-shaggers rout the roo-rooters again and again, and again.

Stronger than a speeding bullet

Apple’s products usually get the thumbs-up for being cute and great to use, if very pricey, but they’re not generally considered very rugged. Well, one of our E-talers came across an intriguing photo on Flickr last week that showed just how rugged a MacBook Pro can be.

This particular Brazilian MacBook survived a gunshot during a mugging. The latch is a bit mashed, as you can see, but otherwise it is still chugging along nicely. We’re not so sure about its owner though — the E-tales team’s nerves would’ve been shot.

Firefox’s Window on security

We’ve heard some weird and wacky names in our time, as well as of people who come to resemble their pets. But what about people whose weird names somehow fit their jobs? There are a few. And one of our E-talers came across a strange one the other day: the name of Firefox’s security officer is Window Snyder.

Thinking it might be a hoax — albeit a month early — E-tales checked out Snyder online. Apparently, she was previously responsible for security sign-off for Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003. We also found her picture on her blog.

Other weird and wonderful name-job combos we’ve come across include the captain of a fishing boat that was burnt out many years ago, who was called Fishburn; the old chief of the dairy board, Trevor Suckling, and the head of a lifejacket company in the UK called William Sink — Will Sink, gedddit!

Sony gets the stick

On the subject of murky morality, E-tales came across a little tale of murky marketing, courtesy of our sister publication Reseller News’ blog. The Reseller lads and ladettes got a bit of stick from public relations company Pead PR in the form of not one but two wooden sticks with an attached note, which read: “A handy yardstick for measuring the height of your PS3 games library”. Ouch!

The PS3 is Sony’s soon-to-be-released Playstation3. And the point of the gibe? Microsoft, who Pead PR represents, will release its HD-DVD addition to its Xbox360 shortly thereafter.

Redmond has a bit of a past when it comes to how it deals with rivals — one that just doesn’t seem to go away either. Much embarrassing documentation concerning the legal biffo when Novell sued Microsoft back in 1996, saying it was behaving anti-competitively over DR-DOS, has resurfaced on the Bittorrent P2P file-sharing networks, according to The Register.

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