Mutual foot massage

Email footnotes are getting longer

A not so fair cop

E-tales came across this lovely picture of our PM enjoying a cosy moment with the Redmond boys and girls recently, but we’re a bit concerned at her pallor, which had us wondering just what it was the poor lass had come across on Microsoft CEO Steve “the bull” Ballmer’s machine. E-taler Juha Saarinen was so concerned that he has put the picture up on his Techsploder website, asking for comments.

He is offering a prize for the best caption (ooops, comment). We found the following suggestions raised a laugh:

Jama: “Wow, this technology is amazing. It didn’t take long at all for that Brad Shipton video to appear on YouTube.”

Colin Wilson: “My God, is that what the NZ cops were doing????”

Al: “The internet? Theresa’s explained that to me [but] I’m still confused.”

Lugh: “For the last time Steve, that’s Australia and here’s New Zealand!”

And last but not least, Tony Hughes: “So all I do is click ‘Okay’, hand you the keys to NZ, and walk away?”

For more suggestions go to:

For the record, Prime Minister Helen Clark is seated on the left, with her are (seated, right) Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and (standing, left) Helen Robinson, general manager, Microsoft New Zealand, and (standing, centre) Chris Liddell, Microsoft senior vice president and CFO.

Domain blues — again

Oooh, what perils lie in not owning all the domain names your organisation might possibly be listed under. One of our E-talers has again stumbled on a curious version of what looks at first sight like the HiGrowth website — but isn’t: is a curious, if somewhat illiterate, site devoted to US car hire firms, one of which, it seems, has just opened up shop in Guatemala City.

So far so tedious, but E-tales came across said site back in February, when it featured a lot of stream-of-consciousness medieval-sounding gobbledegook. HiGrowth head honcho Garth Biggs explains away the strange site by saying HiGrowth can’t afford to register all the variants of its domain name — its website address is:

Sad show

It’s a weird and not always so wonderful world we live in, as evidenced by a recent entry on the Trade Me auction site — that of two animal specimens, one a Peruvian bird-eating spider, the other a sad, squished-up lion cub in a glass bottle, presumably filled with preserving fluid.

The somewhat shocking offer, for which there were no ready takers, purported to be the starting point for a natural history collection. Viewing the photograph of the cub (the pictures have since been taken down and we chose not to print them), a would-be saviour suggested the little lion be extracted from the bottle and mounted in a more natural and dignified position, but baulked at the hefty $1,650 starting price. Thankfully, the items have since been “withdrawn by the administrator”.

Mutual foot massage

What it is with email footnotes — they get ever-longer and often now exceed the length of the messages they are attached to. One of our E-talers came across an absolute beaut the other day, from Howard Frederick, professor at Auckland’s Unitec, which featured former Prime Minister Jenny Shipley making complimentary remarks about Frederick’s book, Entrepreneurship: Theory, Process, Practice. In turn, the prof takes the chance to boost Shipley’s credentials.

And after that brief mutual massage, sorry, message, the footnote:

“Please do NOT reprint or host on your website without explicit permission. However, if you found this information helpful, we grant you permission, and strongly encourage you, to email it to a business associate or a friend. Our biggest reward is new subscribers! Thank you.”

This is then followed by a 56-word anti-spam disclaimer and a 61-word confidentiality disclaimer.

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