Lawson seen as a good fit for suit maker

Rembrandt picks legacy Intentia app

Menswear retailer Rembrandt is to roll out Lawson Software’s M3 suite later this year.

Alistair Johnson, the company’s information manager, says the move is being made because the previous set-up, which comprised a clothing industry-specific application, Fabrix, and numerous other applications, was no longer satisfactory.

“We have many access databases and custom-written applications written in a variety of languages,” Johnson says.

The decision to get a new system was made in late 2005 and M3 was selected approximately a year later, he says.

When M3 is up and running, many of the functions that Fabrix doesn’t provide, and which have to be accessed through other applications, will all be contained within M3, which will make things a lot easier, Johnson says.

Therefore, functions like budgeting will become simpler, he says.

While “the majority” of the disparate applications that work in with Fabrix will be decommissioned, “there are still some aspects of the business that are very unique [to Rembrandt] that we’ll need to retain custom applications for, but the standard functions you’d find in any apparel business are covered in M3.”

Lawson’s established presence in the clothing industry was one factor that swung the deal its way, he says.

Other clothing industry customers Lawson has in New Zealand include Kathmandu.

The M3 suite is a rebranded version of Intentia’s Movex and was renamed after Lawson acquired Intentia in 2005.

Most Lawson customers in New Zealand are legacy Intentia users; while Lawson had a strong presence in North America and was big in the services sector, Intentia, originally based in Sweden, was more focused on manufacturing, and operated in the European and Asia-Pacific markets.

When the merger was announced, Gartner responded in a research note by saying “the deal brings several advantages to both sides, including the potential to compete globally by combining two complementary ERP businesses.

“Lawson is strong in North America, serving service-oriented industries such as healthcare, retail and the public sector,” the research firm’s note stated.

Gartner went on to say: “Intentia is focused in Europe, serving product-oriented companies in the apparel, food-and-beverage, manufacturing, wholesale-distribution and asset-intensive industries.

“The minimal geographic and industry overlap presents global-scale cross-selling opportunities.”

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